Two Verdun employees assembling a PVC window in Ottawa, ON.

Our Windows and Doors are the Right Mix of Quality, Value, and Price

At Verdun Windows and Doors, great value on a great product is just the beginning.

We believe our combination of lean window manufacturing and use of cutting-edge technologies make us better equipped to respond to our changing customers' needs. We offer a wide variety of high quality windows and doors at affordable prices. Let us show you why we are Ottawa’s top choice for window and door replacement.

How do we sell our superior windows and doors for less?

A comparison chart on Verdun's price compared to their competitor's price on products of equal quality
A comparison chart on Verdun's price compared to their competitor's price on products of equal quality.
  • There’s no middleman. You’re buying windows directly from the manufacturer. We’re also operate our company very efficiently. We don’t waste money on expensive advertising campaigns and high commissions.
  • We give people a reason to rave. Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth and referrals. We offer stellar customer service, a wide range of high quality products, and above all, we place our customers first. There is no need to spend a lot of money on marketing. We deliver on our promise.
  • Our sales commissions are much lower than our competitors. Our sales people know they are selling the best windows and doors on the market backed by our unique warranty.
  • Our administration and overhead cost are very low. Our lean philosophy allows us to focus on optimizing our processes and eliminating waste. We cut costs and deliver what the customer wants. You enjoy the benefits of our continuous improvements.

All of these factors result in lower costs that allow us to sell our product for less. We manufacture and install high quality windows and doors at the lowest prices possible. And we back-up everything we do with our complete customer care guarantee.

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