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A Variety of front doors

We install steel entry doors in the Kanata, Ottawa, and the Gatineau area. If quality and durability are the top priorities for your door, then a Verdun door is your best choice. Our residential doors are available in a wide variety of styles, configurations and distinctive finishes to match the character of your home.

Our 100% Canadian made doors include our industry leading No-Bull Warranty. In addition to providing maximum protection from forced entry our steel entry doors don’t warp, chip, rot, crack or come apart over time.

Our doors are maintenance-free and can be configured into potentially thousands of combinations when you chose between our large selection of door sizes, configurations, panel designs, glass options, and colours. An attractive front door adds curb appeal to your home. Make a bold statement with a residential steel entry door to give your home that final touch that sets it apart from the rest of the homes in your neighbourhood.

Steel Entry Door Features

  • Door Frame
  • Door Slab
  • Weather Stripping
  • Threshold
  • Hardware
  • Glass Insert Option
  • Transom Option
  • Sidelite Option
Steel Entry Doors - Door Frame

Door Frame

Our steel entry doors are engineered with a solid, structural frame to ensure high efficiency and durability.

Steel Entry Doors - Door Slab

Door Slab

Built with 24 G Steel and finished with a plethora of paint options to suit the style you desire.

Steel Entry Doors - Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

The use of our eco-friendly weather stripping in our door systems improves the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Steel Entry Doors - Threshold


The threshold is essentially weather stripping for the base of your entry door system. We use the highest quality material to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Steel Entry Doors - Hardware


Verdun uses Weiser door handles. In addition to solid forged brass construction and Grade 1 cylinders for uncompromised security, these door handles offer a modern design and a variety of finishes to suit your taste.

Steel Entry Doors - Glass Insert Option

Glass Insert Option

Our energy-efficient glass inserts have a low emissivity surface which reflects heat radiation. Depending on the glass position, it will keep heat inside the house or prevent it from entering, whichever you desire.

Steel Entry Doors - Transom Option

Transom Option

Transoms sit above your door and allow for natural light to enter and brighten up your home's entrance. Our transoms are available in four styles to suit your taste: Rectangular, Ellipse, Half Moon, Extended Arch.

Steel Entry Doors - Sidelite Option

Sidelite Option

Sidelites go beside your entry door and allow for an extended view outdoors as well as allowing more natural light into your home. We offer sidelites on the left, right, or both sides (double sidelites) of your entry door as well as full light, ¾ light, and ½ light options.

Get More Natural Light with Transoms and Sidelites

Transoms and sidelites are a great way to allow more natural light into the entrance of your home. Aside from being an aesthetic upgrade for your door system, they can enhance your view from the inside of your home and allow for additional natural light to pass into your front entrance.

Transom Options

Our transoms are available in Low-E glass, decorative glass, or obscure glass. You can add any of our grille styles to add to the character of your transom or match an existing style.

It is important to note that any of our transom options can be combined with any of our sidelite options.

We offer four different transom styles:

Rectangular transom for residential front door

Rectangular Transom

Elliptical transom for steel entry front door

Elliptical Transom

Half moon transom for residential front door

Half Moon Transom

Extended arch transom for steel entry front door

Extended Arch Transom

White double entry doors with rectangular transom and double sidelites
Featured is a rectangular transom above double steel entry doors. Transoms can also be combined with sidelites as featured above.

Sidelite Options

Sidelites can be put on the right side, left side, or both sides (double sidelites) of your steel entry door. They are available in Low-E glass, decorative glass, or obscure glass and can be enhanced with any of our grille patterns.

It is important to note that any of our sidelite options can be combined with any of our transom options.

We offer three different sidelite styles:

Full light sidelite for residential front door

Full Light Sidelite

Three-Quarter light for residential front door

¾ Light Sidelite

Half light sidelite for steel entry front door

Half Light Sidelite

Teal replacement front door with double sidelites containing decorative glass
Featured are full light, double sidelites on a single steel entry door. Sidelites can also come with ¾ light or ½ light glass.

Choose Your Style of Door Handle

Verdun Windows and Doors uses Weiser locks, the recognized leader in high quality doorware for all of its entry door locks and handsets. Whether you’re looking for a unique style, a smooth finish, or simple convenience, we have the exact product which will meet your needs and complement the design of your home.

Below are some examples of the steel entry door handles that we carry. Contact us to see the full range of entry door hardware available:

Entry Door Handle Options

Weiser Avalon Entry Door Handle


Weiser Hawthorne Entry Door Handle


Weiser San Clemente Entry Door Handle

San Clemente

Weiser Tavaris Entry Door Handle


Looking for something more advanced? We also offer keyless entry solutions with the SmartCode 5 and SmartCode 10 from Weiser.

Keyless Entry Door Handle Options

Weiser SmartCode 5 Keyless Entry Door Handle

SmartCode 5

Weiser SmartCode 10 Keyless Entry Door Handle

SmartCode 10

Choose Your Door System

Verdun Windows and Doors offers you the option of single, double, triple, or quadruple door configuration options. For an alternative to the double door option, we offer a French door option, which could be the modern touch your home is looking for.

Door Configuration Options

Single Door Option

Single Door

Double Door Option

Double Door

Triple Door Option

Triple Door

Energy Efficient Residential Doors

Verdun doors are Energy Star® Rated High Efficiency

Energy Star® certified products are required to meet strict technical specifications for energy performance through a rigorous testing and certification process. All Verdun steel entry doors meet or exceed the strict high efficiency energy requirements of the Canadian Energy Star® Program. Our high-efficiency doors help you save money on energy costs and provide year round comfort for your home.

The manufacturing processes of all Energy Star® certified steel entry doors sold by Verdun are audited by an independent accredited certification body and approved by Natural Resources Canada. Our doors carry the Energy Star® label showing the specific climate zone for they are rated for. Our sales team would be happy to provide you with more information about the Energy Star® ratings of our windows and doors.

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