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Patio Doors by Verdun

Patio Doors by Verdun are built to your exact specifications. Also named sliding glass doors, our patio doors will bring an ample amount of natural light into your home while taking up minimal space. We offer several styles from traditional to a more modern look.

Patio Door Features

  • 5 ½” and 7 ¼” Wood Frame
  • Welded Sash
  • Mono-piece Threshold
  • Adjustable Double-nylon Rollers
  • Interior and Exterior Contemporary Handles
  • Extruded Aluminum Screen
Patio Doors - 5 ½” and 7 ¼” Wood Frame

5 ½” and 7 ¼” Wood Frame

Our patio door frames are engineered into one, solid unit to provide an optimal fit and superior durability.

Patio Doors - Welded Sash

Welded Sash

Our sashes are reinforced with steel to withstand extreme wind conditions and contain double perimeter seal for superior air-tightness which optimizes energy efficiency for our patio door system.

Patio Doors - Mono-piece Threshold

Mono-piece Threshold

The mono-piece threshold is a solid, one-unit weather stripping system for the base of your patio doors. We use the highest quality material to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Patio Doors - Adjustable Double-nylon Rollers

Adjustable Double-nylon Rollers

Adjustable nylon rollers give you both durability and smooth operations. Adjustable to fit any patio door system.

Patio Doors - Interior and Exterior Contemporary Handles

Interior and Exterior Contemporary Handles

We offer two handle options for your patio doors: standard or multi-point handle, which come in a variety of finshes. Our handles are sleek and contemporary giving your patio doors a modern look.

Patio Doors - Extruded Aluminum Screen

Extruded Aluminum Screen

Heavy duty, roller-operated extruded aluminum sliding screen comes with integrated pull locks.

Customize your Patio Doors

The options your have with a Verdun patio door are virtually endless. All of our patio doors are made-to-measure. This means fully customizable sizing to your specifications. Additionally, you choose between our standard grill, terrace, and contour grill options (listed below). Finally, choose between energy efficient glass, tinted glass, or triple glass.

Patio Door Options

Standard Grill Patio Door Option

Standard Grill

Terrace Patio Door Option


Contour Grill Patio Door Option

Contour Grill

Other Patio Door options include:

  • Jamb extension
  • Brickmould
  • Fanlight (transom and/or sidelite)
  • 2" sill extension
  • Key lock
  • Foot lock
  • Security bar
  • Factory painted interior and/or exterior

Choose your Handle Type and Finish

Choose between our standard and multi-point handle types. We also offer a wide variety of handle finishes to suit your style. Choose the one that best suits your project requirements.

Patio Door Handle Options

Standard Patio Door Handle

Standard Handle

Multi-point Patio Door Handle

Multi-point Handle

Handle Finishes

Brass Patio Door Handle


Bright Chrome Patio Door Handle

Bright Chrome

Brushed Chrome Patio Door Handle

Brushed Chrome

Black Nickel Patio Door Handle

Black Nickel

Dark Bronze Patio Door Handle

Dark Bronze

Antique Brass Patio Door Handle

Antique Brass

Satin Nickel Patio Door Handle

Satin Nickel

Custom Patio Doors

We can design patio doors to suit any home. Whether you are looking for a modest adjustment on a classic patio doors or have a fully customized plan in mind, we can create infinite combinations of colours, configurations, sizes, and finishes. The only limit is your imagination.

Custom-made black patio doors with wood/pvc frame, grid integration, and custom transoms
Featured are custom black patio doors with custom-made transoms. Consider enhancing your patio door with the right accessories, like a grid or integrated mini-blinds in white or satin grey.

Transoms and Sidelites

Need more light? Transoms and sidelites can be added to your custom patio door system. Transoms are perfect for allowing additional natural light into your home while sidelites also allow for more natural light while providing a wider exterior view.

Contact us to learn more about our patio door customization options. We want to make your renovation dreams become a reality.

Energy Efficient Patio Doors

Verdun patio doors are Energy Star® Rated High Efficiency

Energy Star® certified products are required to meet strict technical specifications for energy performance through a rigorous testing and certification process. All Verdun patio doors meet or exceed the strict high efficiency energy requirements of the Canadian Energy Star® Program. Our high-efficiency doors help you save money on energy costs and provide year round comfort for your home.

The manufacturing processes of all Energy Star® certified patio doors sold by Verdun are audited by an independent accredited certification body and approved by Natural Resources Canada. Our doors carry the Energy Star® label showing the specific climate zone for they are rated for. Our sales team would be happy to provide you with more information about the Energy Star® ratings of our windows and doors.

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