The Early Bird Gets the Savings.

Ah, the joys of homeownership, minus the costs. When it’s time to take care of those old leaky windows and doors, get it done right so you can forget about it and move on to the more fun stuff. But if you can also save in the process, it makes it all the more worthwhile. Right now, you can upgrade to RevoCell windows – top-performing in Canada – and get exterior colour for free. You can also get an upgrade from steel entry doors to smooth fibreglass – a premium product – for free as well. Our best price, a professional installation, and Verdun’s complete 25-year warranty included, as always.

FREE Standard Exterior Colour Upgrade on Windows

A carousel of different coloured RevoCell windows

What’s So Special About Our Window Colours?

You know that our RevoCell windows lead national charts in terms of energy efficiency (if you didn’t – catch up here). But did you know that, apart from white, we also manufacture them in seven extra exterior colours? Our palette can match any home style, and could be what your home needs for that extra touch. For a limited time, all standard exterior finishes on windows are on us.

Comprehensive Palette.

Our earth-inspired palette goes from light warm tones befitting heritage or traditional-style homes, to dark neutrals popular in contemporary architecture. You can match greiges with any colour scheme, and we show you finished samples during our free in-home consultation. Best part: our installations are done with flashing and caulking matching the standard factory finishes – all prim and proper, no harlequinesque here. Here are the standard factory finishes available.

Try out our standard exterior colours:

Iron Ore
Commercial Brown
A double casement RevoCell® window exterior.

Engineered, Not Painted.

A lot of replacement vinyl windows out there are painted, which is not a great idea. Most paint isn’t durable; paint can also cause the window to sag and warp due to overheating, leading to jamming, leaks, or glass breakage. Unlike paint which is applied to an already assembled window, our finishes are engineered to the structural members – frames, sashes, mullions – during the very extrusion process. The brighter tones are a tinted PVC capping – the same material as the rest of the window, while the darker tones are a heavy-duty archtectural laminate from Germany that reflects heat to help maintain the structural integrity of the window. Our finishes won’t scratch, crack, or flake off like paint, and are UV-stabilized for colourfastness.

A zoomed-in view of the structure of a coloured RevoCell window.

Your Home, Your Style.

For a lot of people, ‘black is the new black’ today. Is it just a fad? Maybe, but it has also been our most popular colour (after white, of course) for years now. You decide what colour is best for your windows, we’re just here to give you options, and do it right. And what better option than getting our amazing factory finishes on windows for free?

Slide the bar to compare our windows with black exterior (left) versus stock white (right).

A house with white windows.

FREE Upgrade to Smooth Fibreglass on Entry Doors

A graphic showing the transition from steel to fibreglass doors

Fibreglass Doors: Are They Better?

Our steel entry doors are top-notch, but fibreglass doors offer a few extra benefits. Although they are priced in the more premium range, we really like them and would like you to try them out. So, for a limited time, we are offering you a free upgrade to smooth fibreglass on entry doors.

Built Weatherproof.

Fibreglass doors are built to protect your home from really bad weather. Fibreglass conducts less heat than steel, so a fibreglass door insulates better, especially with its CFC-free PU foam core. It’s also better to the touch, warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Finally, the bottom rail which gets most exposure to water is made of a composite material, and won’t rot like wood.

A fibreglass door cutaway to show it's components.

Strong and Durable.

The fibreglass exterior panels won’t dent as easily as steel, so you can move bulky items through with extra peace of mind. They won’t rust either, so no need for a prompt paint touch-up on scratches. The laminated veneer lumber reinforcement adds strength around the entire perimetre, and there is hefty reinforcement in the lock area. Plus, LVL won’t warp like regular wood, so you get a more structurally sound door.

A couple men move a sofa into a home while a woman looks on from the front door.

Higher Definition.

Unlike steel sheets which are stamped, fibreglass shells are moulded. Fibreglass has a more prominent, higher-deffinition detailing on the traditionally beveled and embossed panels. When comparing definition, fibreglass doors are really to the nines.

Slide the bar to compare detailing on smooth fibreglass doors (left) versus steel doors (right).

Steel door coloured red

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