From our quote process right to our production process, we've put together a quick video on how easy it is to upgrade your home with Verdun. We'll also touch on how we can help save your money by taking advantage of existing government rebates.

Here at Verdun we want to make upgrading your windows and doors as easy and painless as possible. Here's our 5 step process to help make upgrading your home a breeze:

  1. Get in touch with us through social media sites, giving us a call (613) 443-2694 or looking us up on the web (Hey! You're already here!). To make it even easier, click the Free Quote tab below, enter your information, and the process has begun!
  2. We'll get in touch with you! Let us know where you live and how many windows, doors, or patio doors you're looking at quoted for your home upgrade.
  3. This is the fun part! One of our qualified in-home sales representatives is going to meet with you, discuss your project, take measurements, build an on-site quote, and help you plan towards the final date of installation. Together with one of our window and door experts, you'll sit down together, go over all the windows doors and patio doors you've measured together, and help build the windows, doors, and patio doors of your dreams!
  4. Now that we've had an opportunity to meet with you to plan your project, we're going to produce your windows specific for your order. We use the highest-end technology to produce high efficiency thermos (glass) for your home in double or triple glaze! We make our windows out of a high quality microcellular PVC (mPVC) known to the public as RevoCell®. It provides a high efficiency product maximizing your glass and providing an amazing contemporary look. RevoCell® windows are only available through us and we're happy to explain to you how it differs from the competition and can upgrade your home over other PVC windows on the market.
  5. The final step is probably the most exciting for you as the homeowner! This is when we're going to show up to your home with your custom windows and doors to complete the installation that you've been waiting for. One of our qualified installation crews will be happy to answer any questions you might have on installation day and complete the project by beautifying your home with the high efficiency products you ordered!

And... it's as simple as that!

Ask an Expert is the official blog of Verdun Windows and Doors. It covers a wide range of topics in the window and door industry. We hope you find what you're looking for or learn something new by reading our blog entries. As always, you can ask our experts a question by filling out the form below.

Get Step 1 of 5 out of the way :)

We'd be thrilled to help you with your window and door upgrades. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or a request to get a free, in-home consultation.

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